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Vice president of the association of professional managers in Shaanxi forum held in the world strong group

August 1,2014,vice president of the Shaanxi provincial professional managers association forum held in the world.Shaanxi province professional managers association president Liu Zhichao,executive vice president Wang Wei,executive vice president Chen Guochang,vice president of professional managers association,chairman of the world group chairman Li Kun attended the meeting.
The meeting was chaired by the president of the Liu Zhichao,will be executive vice president Wang Wei read corporate credit rating evaluation of relevant documents,executive vice president Chen Guochang for the association of professional managers to work for half a year and the second half of the program made a report.Next,the world strong group chairman Li Kun theme for the Buddhism and management"of the speech,to exchange views on Buddhism and corporate management with the participants.
After the meeting,the participants in the world strong group chairman Li Kun to visit the world's strong group,a Jiabao series of products,and a high degree of evaluation of the Jiabao product.


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