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Level-to-level Management and Process


Remote health management center

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Health archiving


Health Assessment


Depending on the vital signs data is accumulated by "YiJiaBao",it can conduct health trend analyze for the user's current and past health assessment,historical trend assessment and future physical condition.


Health Management


Health Management Process



Service Centre

Health visitor


Guidance of Health




Guidance of Medicine


All the processes are completed by "YiJiaBao",which from the registration,queuing,appointment experts and operation to hospitalization.The users just stay at home and the green medical channel will be barrier free to every user.




When users need emergency service,they can press the "SOS"button on "YiJiaBao" front-end equipment to conduct the emergency call.


Family Notification


When users are in an emergency situation,we will contact with your three user-defined relatives and then send the user's aituation and emergency location to user's family in time.


Emergency Channels


When the service platform receives the emergency signals,we will arrange the nearest 120 emergency center to rescue onsite.At the same time,the service platform uploads the electronic medical record (EMR) to hospital,which totally enhances hte efficiency of emergency treatments.