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View of Asia and Europe Cu Jiankang Zhan Shiqiang create brilliant

The annual highly anticipated fourth China Asia Europe Expo in September 1,2014 to 6 in Urumqi,China Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition center.The Expo to open collaboration,build the Silk Road Economic Zone as the theme,in the short period of six days,from around the world in all directions,different skin color,language,and culture of the people together at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains,adjacent to the Tianchi holy water,common talk,communication,consensus condensed into cooperation,promote science and technology in the field of transportation,media,culture,education,agriculture,electronic commerce,textiles and clothing,such as development.
Vice governor of Shaanxi Province-Zhuang Changxing and Jiabao line stop to understand the Shaanxi museum"
The current Asia Europe Expo participating merchants up to more than 1300,and the world strong group as a when Asia Europe Expo only by intelligent medical based business enterprises,technology,innovation,convenience by attention from all walks of life and from.Vice governor of Shaanxi Province-Zhuang Changxing line stop to learn to consult a Jiabao intelligent medical service platform.Professional audience groups,on behalf of the enterprise,individual users have experience"a treasure"of remote interrogation,drug management,health self-test and 7x24 hour service team of detection,guidance and service function.
Strong group by Mr.Li Kun(Chairman of the world group)was founded in 2003,eleven years,the world group has been committed to the world's first brand of smart medical."A treasure"intelligent medical service platform,after ten years"fourth generation"of independent research and practice has become China the first realization of the telemedicine,family health management of intelligent medical service platform,has won the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be"Global Innovation Award",and won many national patent certificate.
With the Asia Europe Expo has come to an end,the event so that more people realize that the world is strong-a focus on health industry,to participate in the construction of a healthy family,a harmonious social undertakings.
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